Cloud services & Migrations

If you are looking to bring your company into the 21st Century, Heartbeat IT will hold your hand throughout. We will build the perfect cloud platform for you and seamlessly migrate your business across without a disruption to your days work!


Heartbeat IT cover all aspects of the IT infrastructure. From designing the office plan and where cables need to be, all the way through to having you sitting at your desk working productively. We undertake all works to ensure a high quality reliable environment.

Managed Services

Heartbeat IT’s technical support desk is there for you. We will monitor your systems continuously and resolve any issues before it comes to your attention! You and your users will have unlimited use of our telephone and remote support agents.

Relocation Services

Our office move specialists take the time to evaluate your existing IT & Telephony equipment & infrastructure and assess its suitability in the new environment. They will create a resilient and reliable Business Continuity Plan to ensure the smooth transition of the move as well as advising you on how to pack & transport all of the equipment safely and securely.

Support Service Desk

Even the most precisely specified and configured IT systems occasionally go wrong. Our managed service reduces errors. We have a well equipped IT service desk ready to resolve any problems that do arise. 99% of all issues can be dealt with remotely, meaning no call out charges!

Web Design and Hosting

Need a website and are unsure where to start? Heartbeat IT will cover all this for you from the website design stage all the way through to having the site live and functioning to your requirements

Backup & DR

Data loss can be very costly, particularly for small to medium-sized organisations where the difference between survival and closure rests on the ability to recover from a disaster. A critical data loss will have a financial impact on companies of all sizes. We will discuss the best solution for you to store all your data safely and securely.


Avaya IP Office systems are built specifically for small and medium-size businesses. IP Office delivers the communications capabilities big businesses are used to, with the simplicity and ease of use small businesses feel they need to have in order to make a typical workday productive and efficient.


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